Welcome to gcares.org!

The amateur radio emergency service ARES in Genesee County has a long history of advancing amateur radio and serving the community. We are hobbyist that primarily use our own equipment, that have a heart & conviction for public service & volunteering.

Our mission is simple:

•Support the mission of the Genesee County Amateur Radio Public Corp (GC-ARPSC) and Michigan Specialized Communications Group Inc. (MSCG)

•Advance the amateur radio hobby in Genesee County through the mission of American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

•Support the mission of the Genesee County Radio Club

•Serve the community through severe weather spotting, public service events and any other means we are called upon to provide communication assistance

•Serve and support other groups that share our passion for public service such as search & rescue / citizens corp's

•Support the mission of local community events such as the Crim Fitness Foundation, Linden "FirstTry" Triathlon, Atwood Stadium Run